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Enameling is a practice that existed for eight centuries — and somehow, it’s still perfect for our modern lifestyle. Since the 13th Century, vitreous enamel has been used as an artistic medium among different cultures worldwide, including in ancient Egypt, Greece, Georgia, Ireland, Great Britain, Persia, and China.

After 1840, the first enamelware pot was popularized and the practice quickly spread to other cooking vessels, underground pipes, and bathtubs. As developments in working with sheet metal made widespread production more possible, the iconic designs we still see today were born and popularized in Europe and the United States.


Since 1977, Crow Canyon Home has been supplying top quality craftsmanship to those seeking the perfect balance between timeless good looks and enduring practicality. The originators of the classic splatter design, we continue to bring the largest selection of enamelware colors, product diversity, and innovation, making it our goal to continue the tradition of stylish versatility in modern life.


Americana AB is a company based in Sweden and we are the agents/distributors for Crow Canyon Home in Europe.  We offer original items for the home that are rooted in America's heritage and reflect the latest trends from the U.S.A. Along with Crow Canyon Home, we sell and represent a number of brands in Europe, including Fiesta® dinnerware, Say What? funny decor & gifts, Ball Mason jars and Jarware for Mason jars​.

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